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Floral Circle Skirt

August 5, 2013

I have been working on a somewhat secret and hopefully soon to be revealed project. In the meantime, I am making prototype garments and offering some of the prototypes for sale on Etsy to bulk up the portfolio for the offered pieces. Here is a beautiful circle skirt:

Floral skirt

It features two tiers…aka a top yoke so I can make the skirt all one fabric (like shown) or have the top and bottom yokes different colors. The waistband has an elastic casing (or optional drawstring) so it fits 25 – 32 inch waist.

Floral dirndl skirt

I made this particular skirt out of a very soft 70s cotton I managed to snag for about $8 for two yards including shipping. I left the bottom edge raw so that it will eventually start to fray (I love the fraying on this kind of cotton). It’s a little hippie without being too hippie.

70s fabric flower skirtIf you like the skirt, be sure to check it out on Etsy and give it a favorite if you can!


Two sided fabric shorts

August 4, 2013

Just finished some really cute shorts! They are a bit sweeter than clothes I usually wear in terms of the style.

Two sided floral shorts

The front and back are two different sides! Both fabrics were salvaged from thrift stores from when I lived in Florida. The light blue lace is destash from my mom’s old collection. I used a new teal zipper and thread.


I made these from a modified 70s pants pattern. I like them but do not have the hips/butt to fill these things out. They are also too big on my waist. Combined with the fact they are a little muted for my personal style, I think they will go well for somebody who likes to wear things like cute lace camis.

Lace trimmed handmade shorts

I made these while smoking some nice herb and listening to Daria, which I’m only finally now starting to watch. Don’t mind me if I’m a little behind the times 😛

Upcycled plus size cotton shorts

My figure is basically a size that is between plus size and normal sizing. I’m okay with that but sometimes I create things I ultimately decide would be more beautiful on somebody else. If you like these shorts, take a look at them on Etsy!

Tropical Terry Cloth Mini Skirt

August 3, 2013

Hello everybody! After not sewing for a while, I’m back at it. Last night I made an awesome new mini skirt!

Tropical Terry Cloth Mini Skirt

It’s so pretty and fun! This awesome terry was a gift from my favorite vintage fabric supplier. She always has the coolest prints and finds. When I opened up my box, this was the first fabric I saw. I was confused, as I didn’t order it at all.

Tropical Mini Skirt Window Shot

She probably knows my style now more than she realizes! The fabric is beautiful with tropical fish and coral! Coral is actually my middle name so I’m so excited to now own a garment with coral!

Funky terry cloth skirt

I gave the skirt an asymmetrical hem, and a fold-under elastic waist. The pocket is perfect for girls like me who HATE carrying a purse. It’s the perfect size for my cell phone and metro card. It also covers a big stain that was on the fabric. Finally, I left the bottom hem and around pocket edges raw so they will eventually get some fraying action. Made with a self-drafted pattern. This skirt is just fun to wear and matches perfectly with my coral-colored knee high socks (not pictured but basically the best socks ever).

How do you like the skirt? Anybody else here a lover of terry like me?

New batch of buttons!

July 22, 2013

I’m so happy to say I finally have new buttons in stock! These ones are a little weirder than my last crop of pinback badges but I like them nonetheless!

Lisa Frank handmade pinback badgesFirst up are the Lisa Frank pinback buttons! I have always loved Lisa Frank ever since I was a little girl. My obsession with rainbows started early on and between my Rainbow Zebra baby blanket, 80s cartoons (mind you I’m a 90s kid), and these stickers. I remember I thought it would be so cool to cover my guinea pig’s aquarium with tons and tons of Lisa Frank goodness. I don’t think my mom was too happy but I still stand that Lisa Frank stickers on anything is a good thing. On a different note, if anybody ever comes across a 2 large Rainbow Zebra panels for a blanket, let me know as I want to recreate my baby blanket (it’s ripped and shredded). I have the story book fabric panels, a stuffed animal panel,  and a completed height measuring chart. $1.50

Neopets Petpet pinsI also have some Neopets buttons! Specifically petpets although I did make an Eyrie button that isn’t listed. I only had a few of these stickers left and they are from the early 00s. I wish I could find more…I know there are tons out there since people bulk bought them for the rare item codes. However, these sheets are very hard to find these days. Great for nostalgia or for those who still play the game. $2

I made tons of other buttons ranging from sparkly to kawaii to political. There are tons more not photographed that are available through a general ‘Lucky Dip‘ listing for $1.25! All buttons ship free with an additional purchase in the USA and are inexpensive to add onto international purchases.

Disco Ball handmade pinback badges

No Justice, No Peace

Funky and original Mixy Mitzy pins

Random sampling of handmade pins

Floral Wide Leg Pants

July 15, 2013

Just finished a pair of wide leg pants and wanted to share! The fabric is a a thicker poly-satin type fabric. I loved the print…it looks very vintage but it’s totally modern. I used about two yards of fabric.

Handmade Floral Pants

Such a pretty pink. I’d say the color of the light pink is a bit softer in person. I made these knowing that the fabric being used as pants isn’t cool. However, when it gets chilly outside, which is what these pants are intended for, I can wear leggings or a unitard underneath and they will be perfect! I have some scraps left over too, if anybody is interested, comment or drop an email to I may also be able to get more of this fabric 🙂

If you like the Tutankhamun and Horus vintage tee, I just added it to the shop today. You can check out the gold-tone necklace on Etsy too!

King Tut 70s Tee

Bias Stripe Tube Top

July 10, 2013

I have been feeling pretty sick the past few weeks, which has meant staying at home and sitting or lying down a lot. Luckily, I have a few things to keep me occupied: reading long political articles online, Banjo Tooie on N64, and my sewing machine.

After messing up a few projects, frustration set in. I wanted to complete SOMETHING without having to work like a madwoman to fix it. I looked at this dress I pulled out of my ‘house clothes’ drawer. I purchased it for $5 from the clearance bin at a consignment store I worked at.

Anyways, it didn’t fit well. It was a size M, by Ann Taylor ‘Loft’ and it was rather shapeless on my body. So I decided to make it into an easy tube top:

Reconstructed bias tube top

The dress is a very stretchy cotton spandex blend. I simply removed the bottom half of the dress, made a casing, then added elastic. I think it took me 30 minutes total. I just love it…it will be perfect with high waist jeans once it starts cooling down. Until then, I will be lounging around the house.

You can make a basic tube top like this by just taking two rectangles, sewing together, and doing a casing on the top and bottom (or a band or a drawstring or easy straps). Effortless!

In the mean time, I’m going to go play some Banjo Tooie again and finish my almost-complete band t-shirt reconstruction.

Easy Knit Tee – Butterick 4922

June 29, 2013

Hello everybody! I finished a new project today 🙂 Remember the colorful primary plaid fabric from my previous fabric stash post? I decided to use it. I initially wanted to make a dress but decided I need some more cute tops. I mostly live in t-shirts and tank tops. So I decided to go for a more funky t-shirt. I used Butterick 4922 from the 1970s.

Butterick 4922 – from the Vintage Pattern Wikia

I used one that was actually a size up for me, size 20 with a bust of 42. I like to have a variety of tight and oversized tees. For this top, I wanted oversize. I shortened the length of the bodice to hit around my waist and shortened the sleeves.

Mixy Mitzy Knit Primary Tee Selfie

Self-shot wearing the tee!

I added orange rick-rack around the collar for contrast. I left the sleeves and bottom hem raw. I like that I can leave the sleeves rolled or unrolled, where they hit below my elbow. A fun, free-spirited shirt!

Primary Knit Tee Sleeve

I will probably be using this pattern again at some point. Very simple, and I don’t have to worry about finding my zig-zag foot…since I made it oversized, I was able to use straight seams 😛

Here's the tee hanging up on my garment steamer, sleeves unrolled.

Here’s the tee hanging up on my garment steamer, sleeves unrolled.

I need to start buying more vintage knits. I’m a very simple person when it comes to outfits. I like tees + skirts/shorts + tights or dresses. That’s 90% of what I wear.

On another note, there will be a shop sale next week, July 1-4 in the Mixy Mitzy Etsy store.

Mixy Mitzy July 4th SaleThis is the first big shop sale and probably the only one until fall so take advantage!