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Sale and a Brooklyn Rooftop

January 29, 2014

Having a sale in order to get some more inventory. All vintage items are 30% off! I have everything from cute sweaters to transition you into spring, funky dresses, sexy tops, and work-friendly skirts. I will be adding more items throughout the sale which lasts until Feb 1 at 11:PM EST. Migrate over to my tumblr to learn about an additional offer for my followers!

I also haven’t done much in terms of outdoor shoots this month. It has just been too cold! I do have a shoot tomorrow, again in the Lower East Side. It’s going to be chilly but the model, Lena, is totally down. However, I did get a couple awesome photos a couple weeks ago with Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop. You can even see the Empire State Building in the background of the first photo!!!

Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop #1

Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop #2

Can’t wait to come at you guys with more photos! And on that note, we got our windows fixed today so the only hurdle in more PDF patterns and tutorials is waiting on a computer part. Woohoo!

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