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Rachel Myhill

December 15, 2013

I received my Christmas present early this year…a new Nikon to play with! Finally I get to start doing fun photo shoots now that I have reopened my store! I was very excited when Rachel Myhill contacted me to do some modeling. I recognized her from back in my retail days…she was always my favorite model so I knew I’d be in for some great shots.

Spuds MacKenzie Budweiser Shirt modeled by Rachel Myhill

80s Spuds MacKenzie Shirt

Cashmere Pucci Dress modeled by Rachel Myhill

Cashmere Pucci Dress

Gorgeous wool dress in poppy and navy.

Gorgeous wool dress in poppy and navy.

90s playful rayon skort modeled by Rachel Myhill

90s playful rayon skort

Lisa Frank buttons modeled by Rachel Myhill

Handmade Mixy Mitzy Lisa Frank buttons!

Rachel Myhill Christmas photo

I had a great time taking these photos and I hope it shows 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for more photo shoots, tutorials, and more!

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  1. December 16, 2013 10:18 am

    These shots are AWESOME!!!!!! Good for you for your early Christmas gift! You deserve it.

    • December 18, 2013 1:41 pm

      Thanks Nellie! I’m hoping that 2014 is my year to shine after all the work I have put in 2013 🙂

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