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No Pattern Maxi Skirt Tutorial

September 17, 2013

I haven’t been able to laundry since May. It’s awful, I’m not going to lie. There is no laundry in my building, I live on the 5th floor, and the laundromat down the street is a long walk and they aren’t always nice to me. Plus, it’s expensive! Sure, I handwash some stuff but it’s the same rotating items. I normally don’t give a shit except I got an email this weekend alerting me to a group interview for a sales position. I instantly started to get worried about my outfit. Sure, I have some really nice stuff but I didn’t get the job last time I had an interview and I wanted a better chance.

Of course, I need to make something for the interview! Last time I had worn a cute vintage dress and belt along with my denim vest (they say dress casual). I was pretty on trend but I didn’t get the job. That’s okay because I am ready to try again!

Long Maxi Skirt

This skirt is so pretty. It’s simple but the texture and pattern make this a great piece to build my outfits on! The fabric is vintage…I am having issues dating it but I know it’s old. In fact, I love the fabric so much I left the bottom un-hemmed and just used the selvage.


I like this little detail! The lighting was off and my camera is starting to get messed up so the color isn’t as accurate. It’s a soft, light dusty pink with a mauve pattern. The fabric has a slight sheen and beautiful drape. My steamer was acting up so it’s a bit wrinkly but don’t mind that 😉

Easy Maxi Skirt

What I like about this skirt is the detail on the waist. Instead of using one piece of wide elastic, I used two rows of ¼” elastic. Sort of the paper-bag effect that was kinda trendy in the late 80s and is making a comeback. This skirt took me about an hour or so to make.

Materials needed:  woven fabric as wide as 2x your waist measurement, ¼” elastic, and a sewing machine/thread.

  • Start off by taking the measurement of your hip or waist to the floor.
  • Determine how wide you want the fabric. I eyeballed it but I ripped two pieces that were about the measurement of my waist. Because this is not knit fabric, you have to be aware of how much movement you need when you walk!
  • Sew up the sides and press the seams open. You should now have two giant rectangles sewn together to form a tube.
  • Fold over the top 1¾” and press. Fold the bottom of this fold ¼” under and press again. Stitch as close to the edge of the bottom fold as possible, leaving a small opening for your elastic.. If desired (optional), do the same for the top of the waistband.
  • Now stitch in the middle of this fold. You will be creating two separate casings. Be sure to leave an opening above where you left your other opening!
  • Cut two pieces of elastic that go around your waist plus an inch. Thread both pieces into the casings and adjust as needed. Sew the elastic then the casings closed.
  • Make sure your gathers are even on the front and back then sew through the elastic and casings at the side seams to keep it in place.
  • Your skirt is now finished! If you don’t like a raw edge, just hem. It’s also easy to make this in any length or add ruffles and trim.

Maxi Skirt Back

You can make this as full as you want but just be aware of how much bulk you will be adding to your midsection. If you have a curvy tummy like me and the skirt is too full, you are going to look awkward 😛

The fabric you use will determine the look. A silky fabric is more professional or great for evening wear. Use cotton for every day. Use a sheer fabric if you love to layer!

Maxi Skirt tied up

I hope my interview goes well today but if not, at least I got a really awesome new skirt. Times are tough right now and retail jobs in good companies are hard to come by. I can’t have my hopes too high but it’s hard not to let my heart skip a beat! After the interview, I will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street! #S17

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    October 21, 2013 4:10 am

    what were you interviewing for? This isn’t business casual…

    • October 31, 2013 7:50 pm

      I was applying to Urban Outfitters but ended up getting a job elsewhere (however my current employer does not allow me to disclose I work for them on social media). I got my current job wearing jeans, a handmade top, and a leather jacket. I’m 23, what can I say?!? 🙂

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