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Kickstarter: Coming Soon!

August 8, 2013

I am so excited to tell everybody today about my new project! I am launching a Kickstarter, hopefully at the end of this month, in hopes of starting my new upcycled clothing and home decor line, ChillRave. Although I can’t say too much yet, I have been working hard. I have been in contact with a good friend for a few days who will film and edit my video so all of you will get to meet me for the first time! I have been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking everything that will go on the Kickstarter and have been thinking about it nonstop. I have been conversing with my friends to help me with my message, because if you see by my writing, I have a hard time ever getting to the point (lol).

The line will be based off of 60-90s psychedelia and at least one major component of each garment will be recycled. The money raised will fund the building a small studio in my apartment, professional tools, bulk supplies, buying trips, and (of course) a totally amazing and unique line! I have all sorts of fun and prizes set up from skirts sewn from scratch to reconstructed dresses.

I will keep my blog updated as I get closer to launch. If you aren’t a follower, I’d suggest subscribing now because this is going to be radical!

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  1. August 9, 2013 6:53 am

    I am so super excited for you! Will def share and post everywhere once it is all up. You r so inspiring!!!!! Keep it up girl, u will see rewards.

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