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Two sided fabric shorts

August 4, 2013

Just finished some really cute shorts! They are a bit sweeter than clothes I usually wear in terms of the style.

Two sided floral shorts

The front and back are two different sides! Both fabrics were salvaged from thrift stores from when I lived in Florida. The light blue lace is destash from my mom’s old collection. I used a new teal zipper and thread.


I made these from a modified 70s pants pattern. I like them but do not have the hips/butt to fill these things out. They are also too big on my waist. Combined with the fact they are a little muted for my personal style, I think they will go well for somebody who likes to wear things like cute lace camis.

Lace trimmed handmade shorts

I made these while smoking some nice herb and listening to Daria, which I’m only finally now starting to watch. Don’t mind me if I’m a little behind the times šŸ˜›

Upcycled plus size cotton shorts

My figure is basically a size that is between plus size and normal sizing. I’m okay with that but sometimes I create things I ultimately decide would be more beautiful on somebody else. If you like these shorts, take a look at them on Etsy!

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