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New batch of buttons!

July 22, 2013

I’m so happy to say I finally have new buttons in stock! These ones are a little weirder than my last crop of pinback badges but I like them nonetheless!

Lisa Frank handmade pinback badgesFirst up are the Lisa Frank pinback buttons! I have always loved Lisa Frank ever since I was a little girl. My obsession with rainbows started early on and between my Rainbow Zebra baby blanket, 80s cartoons (mind you I’m a 90s kid), and these stickers. I remember I thought it would be so cool to cover my guinea pig’s aquarium with tons and tons of Lisa Frank goodness. I don’t think my mom was too happy but I still stand that Lisa Frank stickers on anything is a good thing. On a different note, if anybody ever comes across a 2 large Rainbow Zebra panels for a blanket, let me know as I want to recreate my baby blanket (it’s ripped and shredded). I have the story book fabric panels, a stuffed animal panel,  and a completed height measuring chart. $1.50

Neopets Petpet pinsI also have some Neopets buttons! Specifically petpets although I did make an Eyrie button that isn’t listed. I only had a few of these stickers left and they are from the early 00s. I wish I could find more…I know there are tons out there since people bulk bought them for the rare item codes. However, these sheets are very hard to find these days. Great for nostalgia or for those who still play the game. $2

I made tons of other buttons ranging from sparkly to kawaii to political. There are tons more not photographed that are available through a general ‘Lucky Dip‘ listing for $1.25! All buttons ship free with an additional purchase in the USA and are inexpensive to add onto international purchases.

Disco Ball handmade pinback badges

No Justice, No Peace

Funky and original Mixy Mitzy pins

Random sampling of handmade pins

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  1. July 23, 2013 10:22 pm

    These are sooooo cute and I love the political ones too. Love all of them!

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