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Two-Piece Turtleneck Dress Sewing Pattern Template

June 22, 2013

I recently acquired a bunch of Soviet Russian sewing pattern magazines. They are absolutely stunning and the outfits are just beautiful. There were two types of patterns I received. One set was in large magazines. The patterns were all on one sheet, front and back, and layered on top of each other. The second set was small templates, of which I will offer these for free!

I would like to forever preserve some relics of vintage from a different perspective. You can see the influence in the clothes, some look more 20s and 40s than you would expect. It’s a great, honest look at the ‘other side’ of the coin. Fashion is cool like that.

The patterns are in a small template size and are in 1:10 scale, according to the back page:

My friend did his best in translating the page. He said the patterns do not contain seam allowance. This page suggests adding 2cm for your seam allowance at connecting edges, .7cm on the borders (unsure what this means), 1.5cm at the top of the sleeves, and 5 cm on the hem for ALL garments, not just this free one.

From Moda Magazine

From Moga Magazine

This pattern template is for a turtleneck, raglan sleeve blouson top with cuffed bishop sleeves and waistband. The skirt with a slight fishtail hem also has a waistband and is cut on the bias. To be sewn with “silky” fabric according to the original directions but it can be made with stretch knits, jersey, and more depending on how you want the drape. Make the set and wear it with a belt for the appearance of a dress AND wear it as separates…three different ways to wear! You can also download and just make one or the other.

I am not sure on this, but I think the max size this two-piece dress pattern can go is 164 – 96 – 104 centimeters. I am not sure about this though because Russian is extremely hard for me to attempt to translate. I have spent a long time already and just keep hitting dead ends in translations. So I apologize in advance on future patterns if a piece is labeled wrong, be gentle because I have to do this painstakingly slow.

The downloads for the Dress are below. You can learn how to enlarge a pattern here. There are two PDF files. The color version is for use on your computer. The black version is for printing. Make sure your printer is printing at 100% and not scaling. These patterns do not contain any instructions, just lines and measurements. It is best to use them with a ruler, a curved edge, and a grid. Finally, make a muslin!

Turtleneck Two-Piece Dress Template in Color
Turtleneck Two-Piece Dress in Black

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