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WIP: Pants to skirt recon

June 9, 2013

Today should be an interesting day. I have a photoshoot for more clothing for the store! Aside from that, I wanted to share a work in progress. I picked up two pairs of high waist Lilly Pulitzer “The Lilly” pants from My Brother’s Keeper in Jacksonville, FL in 2010 or 2011. The only difference is the print on the fabric.

Lilly Pulitzer Neon Pink PantsSince I forgot a before photo, this is what the pants looked like before I went to work. They are your typical, awkward 70s polyester pants but the prints are so fabulous!

"The Lilly"They are both a vintage size 16, so they are both a bit to big on my waist but tend to fit my hips and thighs (I am actually an hourglass figure so a lot of ready to wear stuff can be like that). Although I need to take in the waist of the pink pants, my current project involves that green you see…

Lilly Rubin Cat Pants to Maxi Skirt ReconI took apart the entire center seams in the front and back. I sewed the front together and left a large slit in the back that goes to around my knee. I wanted to finish these sooner for the Cannabis March last month but I was having a hard time tapering the pants to my ass. Luckily my friend Elizabeth helped me recently. All I now have to do left is hem the skirt then finish the ass! I own some neon yellow and neon green socks that actually match perfectly.

Green Skirt Close UpThe skirt gets better! Tons of playful cats are hidden amongst the flowers. It looks like they hit the cat nip hard.

Hope you love this project as much as me. I’ll post photos of me modeling once it’s finished. As a neon lover, 70s lover, and cat lover, these are totally me!

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