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My fabric stash #1

June 8, 2013

So I will start occasionally showing off some of the great fabrics I own. I actually do plan on using all of my fabrics…I’m not one to let them sit without inspiration. These four are the newest in my collection. I purchased these off eBay and cannot wait to find the right sewing pattern for each piece.

Vintage patchwork style fabricI absolutely adore juvenile and novelty print fabrics. This piece is a bit over 1½ yards. I am a sucker for primary colors with green. It’s a cotton jersey fabric, very 1960s. I am thinking a dress with a solid bodice and this print on the skirt. Either a circle skirt or a-line.

Funky hippo fabricThis fun piece has these crazy green hippo-frog creatures. Probably closer to hippo since there are birds perched on their backs. So cute! I only have a yard of this jersey fabric so perhaps a tank top and fun accessories. ❤

Ittie Bittie KittieI won’t lie, the sole reason I purchased this fabric is because I have a cat named Itty-Bitty. She is 15 this year but she lives back with my mom in Florida. Although there is only a yard of this fabric, I think I can make something very cute with it.

Psychedelic PixelsFinally, this funky 70s fabric to me is NES meets Acid. It’s a soft fabric and the print is very large. No ideas what to do with this yet but as somebody who loves retro video games and psychedelic prints, it was a no brainer.

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my fabric stash.


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