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May 31 Update

May 31, 2013

Hello blog world! Wanted to let y’all know just what’s going on.

Smoked Art plays guitar

On May 19, I got married! I am still beyond excited and so oh so happy. My amazing husband is a musician, poet, and a current student of computer science. I don’t know how to put my love on a blog since I don’t share everything with the internet but just say, I got me a good man. You can see my outfit in the photos above. I wore a beautiful 1970s dress I bought from Vice Versa Vintage MANY months ago with the sole intent of wearing as my wedding dress. I’m wearing sparkly blue Converse Chucks which match the blue topaz in my ring. My necklace, which is hard to see from the photos, was a hand-me-down 70s flower necklace. I’ll post digital photos soon. PS: I didn’t change my last name 😉

Aside from now living the married life (which is basically the same but not?), and after doing all that wedding madness, I’m getting Mixy Mitzy back and going. Yesterday I went out to Sheepshead Bay to pick up some items for consignment. Hopefully starting next week I will be posting some awesome tees, turtlenecks, ties, and other great trinkets and clothes.

I also am aware I’m long overdue on a new PDF pattern. Today I’m releasing a cute 70s style skirt with front inverted pleats, plenty of darts for fit, and an invisible zipper. Trés cute! Grab it here!

Short skirt with inverted pleats.

Mixy Mitzy 1018: short skirt with inverted pleats.

It’s a doozy today…expected to get to 95 degrees! Stay hydrated everybody.

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