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Free Handkerchief Pattern

April 7, 2013

Finally, the first free PDF pattern has arrived. I picked a simple one that will surely come in handy.


For a simple handkerchief: Turn in ⅜” (10mm) on outer edges, turning under the raw edges. Press. Stitch close to inner edges.

For a handkerchief with lace: On the outside, pin pregathered lace to the outer edges of the handkerchief with right side up. The lacey part should be facing inward. Fold in fullness at the corners and turn in ¼” (6mm) at the ends to meet on one edge so that they are graded and overlapping. Trim the allowance close to the stitching. Turn and fold the bound edge of the lace to the wrong side of the handkerchief. Press and stitch close to the inner edge. Slipstitch the corners of the trim together.

For a handkerchief with fringe: Stitch on the stitching line along all edges. Carefully remove fabric treads up to the stitching. Pull them out one at a time and in the same direction.

These are a great way to use up fabric scraps and boy, will you look dainty using one! If you are familiar with how to enlarge patterns, you can make this handkerchief into a full sized square scarf.

Feel free to ask me any questions! As soon as I get my machine fixed, I’ll have photo examples although I feel it’s fairly self explanatory.

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