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Fashion Feature #3

October 23, 2010

What is more grand than a comfort piece? As you learned last week, in my opinion, absolutely nothing. That’s why today’s fashion feature is carrying on the theme with Simplicity 8870 (oversized image here): a pattern featuring two simple pairs of pants and a skirt. What makes this pattern for me is not only the pair of pants with suspenders (the featured piece) but the ‘paper bag,’ ruffled waist. This pattern is perfect for either a crop top or a tucked in blouse/shirt. Tucking in your top right now is fashionably acceptable…although I remember a few years ago, it was kind of a gross thing to do. However, I say take advantage of this!

As you can see from the image, Gugs went with a tomboy angle by using a size larger than the model and wearing the pants with a sports tee. If you like the way the t-shirt was drawn, it’s really easy to do yourself! Just cut across the chest of the shirt to about 1 inch below the tops of the shoulder seams. You can leave that as a raw edge or hem it with your machine (be sure to cut only about half an inch down if you choose to do this). As for the pants, as the pattern suggests, they are best worn rolled up. However, if you aren’t quite into rolling your pants. You can merge the ‘tapered pants’ view with the suspenders (it’s really easy, just cut out the suspenders and sew them like you would with the rolled version).

Here are some other ways to play up the pattern:

  • Instead of wearing a t-shirt, use a pretty blouse with lace or sequins to instantly turn this into a fun Friday night outfit.
  • Remember that with denim, you don’t just have to go blue! I especially love floral pattern prints (such as here or here). Many other great denims are available…you just have to look around.
  • Turn the pants into suspender-ed shorts by folding the pattern piece for the length you want the shorts (plus extra for hemming or rolling). This look would be perfect with some cute patterned stockings underneath.
  • Make the carriers (aka belt loops) pop by using a different colored denim as contrast. For example, if you use light blue denim on the pants, find some darker blue denim. If you want something really cool, scour for a ‘junk’ article of clothing with acid wash denim!
  • Wear with a bra top (I have some patterns not listed if you are interested) instead of a shirt.

View the pattern here on Etsy and feel free to post any other ideas you have for this pattern!

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