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Fashion Feature #2

October 15, 2010
Butterick 5274

Welcome, everyone, to Fashion Feature number two. Today we will be taking on a wardrobe essential: the comfy blazer with Butterick 5274 (click here for a larger version of the image). I think an oversized jacket is something of a comfort that some 80s patterns do not really give much thought. It’s kind of like, “Here’s a jacket, here’s a boring shirt, here’s boring pants.” Instead of making the blazer the focal point of your outfit, I think it should be able to be something you can grab at a moment’s notice to enhance your outfit: not define your outfit. The great thing about this pattern is that it can be adapted to fit many styles from preppy to hipster to even lazy (that’s my style!). Another thing I liked about this pattern was the attention to the contrast lining fabric.

My suggestion to Gugs for this pattern was to go ‘preppy with some pink and grey.’ This resulted in an absolutely adorable late-fall ensemble with a sweetness to it. Gugs went with the shorter length blazer and paired it with a short grey mini dress, mid-thigh socks, slouchy sweater boots and topped it off with a simple scarf and hat. Nothing about this outfit is complex yet it’s very layered and provides a young and polished look. It just goes to show that you don’t need slacks and a boring top to make a comfortable outfit.

Here are some other suggestions on editing and creating:

  • Pay close attention to your lining fabric: make a solid blazer then pick a wild or floral print so you can create two moods and make the piece more versatile. You can, for example, make a black blazer with a liberty-style print lining fabric: leave the sleeves unrolled for one outfit, then when you pair it with a white dress, roll your sleeves up for a beautiful detail.
  • For fall, grab natural wooden buttons (like these) to use in place of regular buttons for decoration if you do not plan on buttoning up your blazer – just remember to move the placement over slightly since they will be larger than the ¾” buttons usually used.
  • If you find yourself rolling out of bed one day with 5 minutes to get ready, grab some jeans, your blazer, cute shoes, and a printed shirt (like a band shirt) instead of going solid like most patterns suggest. Feel free to experiment with odd color combos (like orange and purple) to really be eye catching.
  • Even though badges aren’t exactly popular with the 16+ crowd, consider a broach on your blazer when wearing a casual outfit for a sweet touch.
  • Wearing a dress with a blazer, instead of a jacket, is great for school or work where a nicer jacket would be slightly out of place (and not as comfy to wear throughout the day).

Do you have any other suggestions? How do you like to wear your favorite blazer?

Check the pattern out here on Etsy.

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  1. Amber Rudd permalink
    May 18, 2013 3:41 am

    Love this!

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