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Trade Frenzy

July 1, 2010

First off, I had abandoned this blog but I think maybe I should just take a stab at it again. I’m not much of a ‘blogger’ but I figure even if I’m just typing to myself, it will help with my lackluster writing skills.

Anywho, yesterday I participated in my first ‘Trade Frenzy.’ It is an event put on every month by the TradeAHolics that lasts 12 hours where you trade your butt off. A trade is when you exchange items on Etsy. Your trade’s worth is the cost of the item + shipping. Let’s say somebody comes into my store and wants a necklace that ends up with a worth of $10. They request if we’d like to trade. I go to their store and find something I want with a worth around $10 (let’s say a bracelet). If they accept what I want, then we ‘purchase’ each other’s items and then mail them out. No money exchanges hands unless I want an item worth $15, in which case I’d pay a $5 difference.

Not sure if that all made sense since…well…I have a terrible time explaining things. Anyways, I’m so excited I didn’t do just one trade but FIVE! And I can’t wait to get my goodies. Here are the trades I did:

I traded my Peachy Pink Silver Flower Earrings for a Vintage Floral Pin.

I traded my Pink Topped Avon Bottle for some X-Ray Animal Fabric.

I traded my Houndstooth Fixer-Upper Sweater for 2 Christmas Stockings for my cats (one is a custom listing).

I traded 3 Flower Buttons on a Card for an ‘Adopt A Senior Pet’ Badge.

I traded my Password Game for 3 pieces of Vintage Fabric.

I seriously cannot wait to join in the party this month. I actually ended up applying for the TradeAHolics team. I have yet to join any teams on Etsy so I’m pretty excited. I ended up spending a little over $16 in shipping all the items that I had to send out but when I add it up, it was cheaper than actually buying the items and some of those items were getting ready to expire anyways without me renewing them. So I now have 61 sales (yes, this is considered a sale since they pay and you pay in items) and I hope to have 75 by the end of July. Maybe that’s just me being a little ambitious but it won’t hurt to aim for it!

In the meantime, I’m in Illinois on vacation. I managed to get a rather large box of sewing patterns. Hopefully those are being mailed to me right now and I can start getting photos of them and a few other patterns I have here at home that I have yet to list. I have so many things to list and get photos of it’s insane. It’s hard for me to photograph everything on my own since I now have to lug it all to the backyard in the hot Florida heat. I know I won’t get even half my stock photographed tomorrow but it will be nice to put a small dent in it all!

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  1. annie page permalink
    May 20, 2013 11:29 am

    You are so right patterns are not like they use to be. I use to sew all the time and now i’m retired I am looking for a sewing machine I can afford to go back to sewing. It just you a lot of saffaction when you make something people like

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