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Sale and a Brooklyn Rooftop

January 29, 2014

Having a sale in order to get some more inventory. All vintage items are 30% off! I have everything from cute sweaters to transition you into spring, funky dresses, sexy tops, and work-friendly skirts. I will be adding more items throughout the sale which lasts until Feb 1 at 11:PM EST. Migrate over to my tumblr to learn about an additional offer for my followers!

I also haven’t done much in terms of outdoor shoots this month. It has just been too cold! I do have a shoot tomorrow, again in the Lower East Side. It’s going to be chilly but the model, Lena, is totally down. However, I did get a couple awesome photos a couple weeks ago with Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop. You can even see the Empire State Building in the background of the first photo!!!

Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop #1

Shaung on a Brooklyn Rooftop #2

Can’t wait to come at you guys with more photos! And on that note, we got our windows fixed today so the only hurdle in more PDF patterns and tutorials is waiting on a computer part. Woohoo!

General January Update

January 17, 2014

A lot has been going on lately but I’m trying to list 100 articles of clothing by the end of the month. I’ve been taking lots of photos and gathering lots of vintage stock. I’ve started releasing reconstructed clothing and I hope to have handmade items in the shop by next month. My husband is also playing the 5th Busker Ball at Spike Hill on January 23. The Busker Ball is a special concert for street and subway musicians. I might join for a couple songs (maybe) but I do hope to do a presentation for Busk NY.

Here are a few of my favorite items listed for sale so far this January.


Rachel Myhill

December 15, 2013

I received my Christmas present early this year…a new Nikon to play with! Finally I get to start doing fun photo shoots now that I have reopened my store! I was very excited when Rachel Myhill contacted me to do some modeling. I recognized her from back in my retail days…she was always my favorite model so I knew I’d be in for some great shots.

Spuds MacKenzie Budweiser Shirt modeled by Rachel Myhill

80s Spuds MacKenzie Shirt

Cashmere Pucci Dress modeled by Rachel Myhill

Cashmere Pucci Dress

Gorgeous wool dress in poppy and navy.

Gorgeous wool dress in poppy and navy.

90s playful rayon skort modeled by Rachel Myhill

90s playful rayon skort

Lisa Frank buttons modeled by Rachel Myhill

Handmade Mixy Mitzy Lisa Frank buttons!

Rachel Myhill Christmas photo

I had a great time taking these photos and I hope it shows 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for more photo shoots, tutorials, and more!

A little update

October 31, 2013

Well, it has definitely been busy since I did my last blog post.  I have done some more street vending and more planning for my Kickstarter (yes, I decided to not rush myself, I will be launching next year). I also recently got a part-time job in retail, although instead of my usual sales I chose to do overnight stock. Even though I will only be working for one hour while the store is open to the public, I am required to follow a dress code. The awesome thing about the dress code is the only requirement is I wear denim to work. The more awesome thing is that I am allowed to hack up and DIY. I’m currently working on a bright purple denim skirt that I plan on wearing on my first non-training day next week.

I wanted to share some photos with you today:

Handmade Tee on Instax FilmHere are two instax photos taken of me inside a local Bodega. I am wearing my interview outfit (sans necklace) that I wore when I scored my current job. The front is made with chambray (I think my friend Nellie gave this to me) and the back is made with the NES vs Mushrooms fabric I purchased a few months ago. The top has kimono sleeves and a keyhole in the back and was made from a modified 90s pattern (too lazy to go check my stash, will update this :P).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also snagged two new fabrics. I knew it would arrive too late for Halloween but I love the tiny black cats. I want to possibly make Sunshine something with this. However, I’m especially excited about the middle fabric. I mean, look at it! It’s actually neon in person and I MUST make some sort of dress with it. Because I’m just so damn ironic.

No Pattern Maxi Skirt Tutorial

September 17, 2013

I haven’t been able to laundry since May. It’s awful, I’m not going to lie. There is no laundry in my building, I live on the 5th floor, and the laundromat down the street is a long walk and they aren’t always nice to me. Plus, it’s expensive! Sure, I handwash some stuff but it’s the same rotating items. I normally don’t give a shit except I got an email this weekend alerting me to a group interview for a sales position. I instantly started to get worried about my outfit. Sure, I have some really nice stuff but I didn’t get the job last time I had an interview and I wanted a better chance.

Of course, I need to make something for the interview! Last time I had worn a cute vintage dress and belt along with my denim vest (they say dress casual). I was pretty on trend but I didn’t get the job. That’s okay because I am ready to try again!

Long Maxi Skirt

This skirt is so pretty. It’s simple but the texture and pattern make this a great piece to build my outfits on! The fabric is vintage…I am having issues dating it but I know it’s old. In fact, I love the fabric so much I left the bottom un-hemmed and just used the selvage.


I like this little detail! The lighting was off and my camera is starting to get messed up so the color isn’t as accurate. It’s a soft, light dusty pink with a mauve pattern. The fabric has a slight sheen and beautiful drape. My steamer was acting up so it’s a bit wrinkly but don’t mind that 😉

Easy Maxi Skirt

What I like about this skirt is the detail on the waist. Instead of using one piece of wide elastic, I used two rows of ¼” elastic. Sort of the paper-bag effect that was kinda trendy in the late 80s and is making a comeback. This skirt took me about an hour or so to make.

Materials needed:  woven fabric as wide as 2x your waist measurement, ¼” elastic, and a sewing machine/thread.

  • Start off by taking the measurement of your hip or waist to the floor.
  • Determine how wide you want the fabric. I eyeballed it but I ripped two pieces that were about the measurement of my waist. Because this is not knit fabric, you have to be aware of how much movement you need when you walk!
  • Sew up the sides and press the seams open. You should now have two giant rectangles sewn together to form a tube.
  • Fold over the top 1¾” and press. Fold the bottom of this fold ¼” under and press again. Stitch as close to the edge of the bottom fold as possible, leaving a small opening for your elastic.. If desired (optional), do the same for the top of the waistband.
  • Now stitch in the middle of this fold. You will be creating two separate casings. Be sure to leave an opening above where you left your other opening!
  • Cut two pieces of elastic that go around your waist plus an inch. Thread both pieces into the casings and adjust as needed. Sew the elastic then the casings closed.
  • Make sure your gathers are even on the front and back then sew through the elastic and casings at the side seams to keep it in place.
  • Your skirt is now finished! If you don’t like a raw edge, just hem. It’s also easy to make this in any length or add ruffles and trim.

Maxi Skirt Back

You can make this as full as you want but just be aware of how much bulk you will be adding to your midsection. If you have a curvy tummy like me and the skirt is too full, you are going to look awkward 😛

The fabric you use will determine the look. A silky fabric is more professional or great for evening wear. Use cotton for every day. Use a sheer fabric if you love to layer!

Maxi Skirt tied up

I hope my interview goes well today but if not, at least I got a really awesome new skirt. Times are tough right now and retail jobs in good companies are hard to come by. I can’t have my hopes too high but it’s hard not to let my heart skip a beat! After the interview, I will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street! #S17

Easy Square Skirt Tutorial

September 16, 2013

No, I haven’t disappeared! I’ve just been busy. I wanted to share this amazing skirt. It’s incredibly easy to make in about 30 minutes.

Funky Square Scarf Skirt

I made this skirt from a vintage Japanese scarf. I probably picked it up at a thrift store in Florida. It was pretty but I’m more of a circle scarf person. I figured it was the perfect size to use as fabric!

Scarf Tag

To make this skirt, you need a large square scarf (or some woven fabric torn into a large square), wide double fold bias tape, elastic (I used ¼” but just make sure it fits in the bias tape), and a sewing machine/thread.

  • Measure around you waist (or hips, depending on where it sits). Add 2 inches then divide by 4.
  • Fold the scarf in half then half again. You should end up with a corner that is the center of the scarf. This is the opening.
  • Using the measurement you calculated in the first step, make marks radiating from the center corner. You will be cutting out a fourth (¼) of a circle.
  • When you are done cutting, open the scarf up. The whole should be too big for you but that’s okay because you want to get the gathers!
  • Sew the bias tape to opening. Make sure you leave a small area to use as you casing! This tutorial is good if you have never worked with bias tape before!
  • Cut a piece of elastic the size of your waist (or hip) plus an inch. Thread through the bias tape casing then adjust. Sew the elastic together then stitch the opening closed.
  • That’s it. Seriously, you are done!

Scarf Skirt

I was not kidding when I said this was easy. It’s almost effortless. If you don’t like mini skirts, you can get another scarf or piece of fabric the same size…just sew the bias tape to both layers to make something more modest.

Square scarf skirt open

I am gobbling up the last warn days here in NYC. I’m not really a cold-weather person because I’m born and raised in the South. If I lived in Florida, I could wear this probably until November! However, it won’t stop me from wearing this at some point in the fall with some thermal leggings.

Scarf Skirt Twirl

Oh, and I didn’t mention it’s twirly! I love inexpensive projects and this probably cost me $1-$1.50 total, including all supplies. Now I have more money to buy Sunshine treats!!!

Kickstarter: Coming Soon!

August 8, 2013

I am so excited to tell everybody today about my new project! I am launching a Kickstarter, hopefully at the end of this month, in hopes of starting my new upcycled clothing and home decor line, ChillRave. Although I can’t say too much yet, I have been working hard. I have been in contact with a good friend for a few days who will film and edit my video so all of you will get to meet me for the first time! I have been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking everything that will go on the Kickstarter and have been thinking about it nonstop. I have been conversing with my friends to help me with my message, because if you see by my writing, I have a hard time ever getting to the point (lol).

The line will be based off of 60-90s psychedelia and at least one major component of each garment will be recycled. The money raised will fund the building a small studio in my apartment, professional tools, bulk supplies, buying trips, and (of course) a totally amazing and unique line! I have all sorts of fun and prizes set up from skirts sewn from scratch to reconstructed dresses.

I will keep my blog updated as I get closer to launch. If you aren’t a follower, I’d suggest subscribing now because this is going to be radical!

Floral Circle Skirt

August 5, 2013

I have been working on a somewhat secret and hopefully soon to be revealed project. In the meantime, I am making prototype garments and offering some of the prototypes for sale on Etsy to bulk up the portfolio for the offered pieces. Here is a beautiful circle skirt:

Floral skirt

It features two tiers…aka a top yoke so I can make the skirt all one fabric (like shown) or have the top and bottom yokes different colors. The waistband has an elastic casing (or optional drawstring) so it fits 25 – 32 inch waist.

Floral dirndl skirt

I made this particular skirt out of a very soft 70s cotton I managed to snag for about $8 for two yards including shipping. I left the bottom edge raw so that it will eventually start to fray (I love the fraying on this kind of cotton). It’s a little hippie without being too hippie.

70s fabric flower skirtIf you like the skirt, be sure to check it out on Etsy and give it a favorite if you can!

Two sided fabric shorts

August 4, 2013

Just finished some really cute shorts! They are a bit sweeter than clothes I usually wear in terms of the style.

Two sided floral shorts

The front and back are two different sides! Both fabrics were salvaged from thrift stores from when I lived in Florida. The light blue lace is destash from my mom’s old collection. I used a new teal zipper and thread.


I made these from a modified 70s pants pattern. I like them but do not have the hips/butt to fill these things out. They are also too big on my waist. Combined with the fact they are a little muted for my personal style, I think they will go well for somebody who likes to wear things like cute lace camis.

Lace trimmed handmade shorts

I made these while smoking some nice herb and listening to Daria, which I’m only finally now starting to watch. Don’t mind me if I’m a little behind the times 😛

Upcycled plus size cotton shorts

My figure is basically a size that is between plus size and normal sizing. I’m okay with that but sometimes I create things I ultimately decide would be more beautiful on somebody else. If you like these shorts, take a look at them on Etsy!

Tropical Terry Cloth Mini Skirt

August 3, 2013

Hello everybody! After not sewing for a while, I’m back at it. Last night I made an awesome new mini skirt!

Tropical Terry Cloth Mini Skirt

It’s so pretty and fun! This awesome terry was a gift from my favorite vintage fabric supplier. She always has the coolest prints and finds. When I opened up my box, this was the first fabric I saw. I was confused, as I didn’t order it at all.

Tropical Mini Skirt Window Shot

She probably knows my style now more than she realizes! The fabric is beautiful with tropical fish and coral! Coral is actually my middle name so I’m so excited to now own a garment with coral!

Funky terry cloth skirt

I gave the skirt an asymmetrical hem, and a fold-under elastic waist. The pocket is perfect for girls like me who HATE carrying a purse. It’s the perfect size for my cell phone and metro card. It also covers a big stain that was on the fabric. Finally, I left the bottom hem and around pocket edges raw so they will eventually get some fraying action. Made with a self-drafted pattern. This skirt is just fun to wear and matches perfectly with my coral-colored knee high socks (not pictured but basically the best socks ever).

How do you like the skirt? Anybody else here a lover of terry like me?